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...First the dinosaurs.

And now, what, are we going to be getting tornadoes or something? What the hell.
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...It's been one weird couple of weeks.
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I guess there's a point in time where you... just have to move on and stop fixating.

It was a once-in-a-lifetime kind of thing and I don't understand why I felt like it was so important, but that was what I felt. I messed it up, and I guess I just have to deal with it now.

...I should concentrate on working harder from here on out, or I'm gonna get my ass kicked out of work.
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What the shit is this? Whose bloody idiot idea was it? And it's all most people are talking about. I don't want to hear any other word on it but who I can kick in the face for doing something so wasteful.
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...I haven't been able to find him anywhere.

I've looked. And I've looked. And I'll probably get my ass fired if I spend any more time looking. But if he's anywhere in Abyss, then it's somewhere I don't know about.

Please let him have gotten out of the city safely. Please let them not have found him.

...I don't even know his name or why I feel so strongly about this. But I--don't want him to be in danger, or worse.

And that explosion--please, God, let him not have been there.

...Just let him be safe and alive.
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...What does Elysium need another mall for?
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...beyond the fact that I wouldn't be caught dead wearing something like that--who was that girl? I feel like I know her from somewhere, or should know her, but that makes no sense because I know I've never met anyone like that in my life. And I'm good at remembering faces.

...also. I know there's somebody in this damn city you can hire to find someone for you. How do I get in contact with them, and how trustworthy are they?
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It's really pathetic when I need to turn to the Network hoping for advice, but here goes.

Uh... say you find this stray cat. There are a lot of stray cats around, right? And you think you might be able to take care of this one. Problem is, it's a stray because its owners used to kick it around. It's scared of you, won't trust you, and maybe scratches you or bites you if you get too close.

But you know that Animal Control is going to clean out the part of the city where the cat lives sometime soon. And you don't want it getting killed or sent to a pound. You like the cat and could take good care of it if you could just get it to come with you of its own will.

How can you get it to trust you?

...this is so lame.

[ooc: we're fresh out of this log, just got back home, and are brainstorming what to do about Nessiah. You never would have guessed, right?]
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I got a pay cut.

I got a pay cut.

I got a pay cut.

Yes, I probably could have kept up with things better, but was it really my fault for accidentally getting contaminated with quicksilver on the way to work? Argh. They cut my pay for being late, even though it's been all over the news and the network about the quicksilver fiasco and everything. They said I'm just lucky they're not firing me--the only reason they're not is that it was all over the place.


Maybe they're right, but that still stings. Man, how am I going to pay for my off-weeks AND the apartment now?

...also, to anybody who happened to run into me while I was nuts on that stuff... I can't remember what I said and did very well, but I'm sure I wound up making an ass of myself. Sorry you had to deal with me then.
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[filtered; must be hacked to read]

It pisses me off. It pisses me off so much.

Nowadays I don't have much that I can do but roam the network in my off-hours. Even so, I keep running into them--young, cultured, kind people living in squalor. Why? Because the bastards running this fucking place decided to designate them human fucking refuse. I can't stand it. Even those of us here in Terra have it hard enough, but--

There has to be something I can do. Something more. Something more than wandering around there every few months and beating the rapists and the dealers bloody. Something more than aimlessly looking for the one person I might somehow judge able to save so that this fucking money-leeching apartment doesn't go to waste.

I just found another one online--polite enough young man by the sound of him, better vocabulary than most Terrans I know, scavenging through the goddamn junkyard with the rest. God only knows what hell he's seen and lived through. I keep finding more and more of them like that, and I can't see the damn computer screen for the red in my vision. It has to stop. There's got to be some way to stop it. To tear down the walls and make this place less of a hell.

But I don't know what the hell I can do.


If there's one good thing about being in a bad mood? Soon I'm going to have the leave to be able to head out and stretch my legs for once. ...I'm looking forward to it.
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There have got to be few things more annoying than coming home after a hard day's work to a pile of bills and a fridge that's nearly empty. I figure I'd better hit Junes sometime, but when is "sometime" supposed to be? I mean, son of a bitch, life is nothing but hard work and pain. I know that, but when I don't even have time to go buy food? This is ridiculous.

Maybe I should start renegotiating my hours and pay with the boss...
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I'm busy right now. Leave a message with your name and number and I'll get back to you when I have time.


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