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Name: Gulcasa
Age: 20
Series: Yggdra Union (part of the Dept. Heaven series)
Species: Human, mostly--he's descended from a dragon, though.
Gender: Male
Occupation: Carpenter, though he holds down a few odd jobs to make ends meet (he's currently working a side job at the cafe).
Point of canon to be drawn in: During chapter 8 in-game, probably BF42.
Preferred level: Terra.

Appearance: Gulcasa is a physically imposing man--at the age of twenty he's over six feet tall and still growing. His build is muscular, and his features are just a tad too strong for him to be considered classically handsome; he is still, however, very attractive. He wears his bright scarlet hair long--almost to his knees--and his bangs are heavy and uneven, sweeping up into cowlicks at his temples. His eyes are bright, unearthly gold, hinting at his inhuman ancestry; he sports black slash marks just beneath them. And he has jigokumimi, ears swept back into points.

In his own world, he spends most of his time wearing a complex suit of baroque plate armor which has been passed down his family for generations (and is still a little bit big for him); here, he'll generally wear a thin black turtleneck or sleeveless shirt with heavy jeans or bondage cargos.

Personality: Gulcasa is fierce, stubborn, devoted, stubborn, responsible, stubborn, and have we mentioned yet that he's indeed quite stubborn? Yes? Just making sure. He's got a temper, and although he's got good control of it usually, people generally want to start running away when he loses it. Although he's shrewd and trustworthy when it comes to others, he can be brash and a risk-taker when it comes to his own safety. To people he doesn't know well, he comes off as a harsh and somewhat frightening person.

However, to his close friends and family, Gulcasa is deeply caring and protective; he can be far more gentle than his looks would imply around those who need a softer touch.

This isn't to suggest that he has no sense of humor--he's got one, and tends to respond to threats from enemies with sarcastic one-liners. Friends and family, however, are more likely to get light ribbing than crushing put-downs.

Is there any way to make this guy flail? Well... yes. Given the fact that he's somehow still a virgin, somewhat inexperienced with intimacy, bringing it up can make him spaz out a bit. Or, well, a lot... depending on the situation. Usually, though, he'll try to bluster his way through things and pretend as though he knows more than he actually does.

Finally, part of being an Emperor and a loving older brother and friend is being incredibly overprotective. Threaten those he cares about, raise his ire, and you'll be dead faster and more violently than a Type-Moon game's bad ends.

Abilities: Gulcasa is proficient with manual labor and is skilled with his hands; he's extremely strong and can endure a bit more than the average person--which is good, as he spends every weekday building and assembling furniture and works nights at the cafe on weekends. He knows how to defend himself, and could take down ten to twenty of your ordinary street thugs with ease. He's also a good leader and people acknowledge him as someone who knows what he's doing quite quickly.

Due to his forgotten origins, he's quite proficient wielding a scythe and wrangling wild dragons. However, these skills probably won't be used in this RP.

There is one other rather important ability that Gulcasa has not lost--an ancestral spell known as Genocide which taps into the power of his dragon's blood to increase his strength sevenfold while haloing his body in flames. Gulcasa does not consciously remember how to use it, but he will instinctively trigger it if the need arises.

History: Gulcasa was born and raised in the once-glorious country of Bronquia. Exactly how his childhood went isn't known--he doesn't talk about it, but considering that a corrupt and hated emperor held the throne when he was young, one can hazard a guess that it was unpleasant. Although he had family--a younger half-sister, Emilia, and adopted twin sisters, Luciana and Aegina--his parents seem to have met some tragic end in the past. As he grew up, however, there was one thing Gulcasa always knew: He was the true Imperial prince, heir to the bloodline of the dragon Brongaa, who had founded their country in ages past. After a life in hiding, he acted on that knowledge at the age of twenty, gathering a resistance and claiming his rightful place in a quick and bloody coup d'etat.

After securing Bronquia, Gulcasa and his army--led by family, friends, and worthy warriors he'd spared during the coup--made to expand their territory. He aimed high--his opponent of choice was the kingdom of Fantasinia, which had been the dominant power of the continent since its founding over a thousand years ago. But the Kingdom had grown complacent and wasn't prepared for the new Bronquian Empire's power, Gulcasa's strength of leadership, or the force of the Bronquian people's hatred for them--and so Gulcasa utterly destroyed the Royal Army, captured the capital city of Paltina, and slew the king and queen in battle. However, their daughter--Princess Yggdra--escaped the castle with the kingdom's holy artifact, the giant sword Gran Centurio.

And that was when things started going wrong. Despite the fact that most of Fantasinia's allies were too busy quarreling amongst themselves to have helped the king, the princess was able to build a small army of her own from those who were willing, and returned to the castle to reclaim it. Gulcasa was injured in battle, and decided that he needed to look into other options to reassert his country's dominance--he captured Princess Yggdra and embarked on a journey to use her to unseal the soul of his dragon ancestor Brongaa. This would enhance Gulcasa's natural draconic strengths, and if he so desired, allow him to actually resurrect Brongaa if he brought the dragon's soul to where its body rested below his own castle. However, in the attempt, he lost one of his commanders and three of his generals--one of whom was his dearest friend, Nessiah. And even though Gulcasa successfully unsealed Brongaa's soul, the princess' army rescued her and started immediately planning to bring her to her full potential by crowning her Fantasinia's queen.

Gulcasa gathered up the surviving members of his army and raced to the coronation site to prevent it, but despite their best efforts, Princess Yggdra slipped through their grasp again and escaped onto the holy ground sealed to all but her family line. And though Gulcasa and his men tried to get through her army's defenses so that they could kill her upon her return, Gulcasa overused Brongaa's power and taxed his body beyond its limits. He collapsed, and was taken back to the Imperial castle by his worried army.

And while Gulcasa was too ill to do anything about it, the new Queen and her army began to invade Bronquia, killing many more people Gulcasa held dear and destroying his people's villages on their way to his capital. Their latest victim, he learned while preparing his remaining soldiers for the Royal Army's attack on his capital, was his youngest sister Emilia...

False memories: As far as he knows here in NeoGenesis, Gulcasa is the oldest son of the Curthana family, his lineage upper middle-class through and through. Enough money to live by, close enough to glimpse the glitz and pompous richness of Elysium, but since they have always lived in Terra, they know the Abyss too--even if they choose to ignore that reality. He has three younger sisters--Luciana and Aegina, twin sisters his parents adopted, and Emilia--and knowing that as long as they live in NeoGenesis, they probably won't make it to live comfortably with interesting jobs they'll like? It burns his ass.

Even though his parents and other relatives ignored the Abyss and made the best of their lives in Terra, never hoping for more, Gulcasa just never quite got used to the class discrimination. If his sisters couldn't make their dreams come true, weren't there other people like them in Terra with the same frustrations? What about in the Abyss? Other people might call its residents scum of the earth, not worthy of sharing the city, but surely they too had aspirations.

Gulcasa's own dreams? He's never had any beyond protecting the people he loves.

So when his parents died in a traffic accident last year, and his sisters moved away to be with the rest of their family, Gulcasa stayed in NeoGenesis. He went to college; he knew how to build and how to hold down a job. So he built furniture for a company, worked part-time on weekends, got his apartment payments in on time. And maybe once every few months--when no one's looking and security's eyes are only on the gates--he would slip through the streets of the Abyss, and take out his anger at the world on those who would abuse the weak there.

Sample journal posts: ...Son of a bitch, do they really have to charge so much for the goddamn rent just for these tiny apartments? You'd think having three rooms and a bathroom wouldn't be too much more expensive than two and a bathroom, but God forbid anything come cheap here, huh?

Sample role-playing post: He wasn't sure why he fought so hard to keep the apartment, come to think of it; Gulcasa hadn't been a vigilante for very long when he'd seized the opening for one that wasn't a studio. Having an apartment only two rooms in size or a studio really wouldn't be that bad; it was all he needed. And even after all the time he'd spent prowling the Abyss, he'd never seen any reason to act on that absurd and childish fantasy.

The ruse would only work once, and there was only space for one. Pacing the little rooms, Gulcasa ran both hands through his hair, shoving it back over his shoulders and heaving a long, aggravated sigh. Upkeep was a pain in the ass, but he couldn't give this space up if he might need it someday. He just hoped that "someday" wouldn't be years from now; it'd bleed his finances dry for nothing.

He ought to stop brooding and take a shower, make himself something to eat. There was nothing quite like a Saturday spent serving coffee with your shoulders sore from building tables all week and your temper rattled from not enough dinner on Friday.


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